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About Death presents a gentle, yet unsentimental, story about how a family deals with the death of their beloved dog.  The story is followed by a series of questions a child might pose about death and its aftermath, particularly the rituals and cultural customs that accompany the death of a person.  The answers to these questions, like the story that proceeds them, are frank and respectful of the child's curiosity.  At the same time, both the story and the questions are illustrated by lovely watercolors that say, without words, yes, death makes us sad.  A short poem that follows reminds us that death is a part of life. 

    This is a book for Unitarian Universalist parents to have in their homes before they think they need it.    

                                  --Gaia Brown Credentialed Religious Educator

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Continuing the tradition of bringing Unitarian Universalist values and practices to the everyday lives of children
and families.

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About God takes a complex and challenging religious concept and makes it accessible to Unitarian Universalist children.  Confronted with a scary experience, a group of UU kids learn from each other that UUs have different approaches to the idea of God. This story is followed by direct, honest and concise answers to questions children commonly ask about God, and short real-life vignettes that invite the reader to consider what, if anything, they would call God.  This book follows About Death in the "Little Books About Big Stuff" series for UU kids.  Hardcover book with beautiful, evocative watercolors throughout. 


When second grader Erin is caught stealing her best friend's math test both girls wrestle with the complex emotions of this moral transgression and find a resolution that aligns with what they value most. In the two sections that follow, questions of right and wrong are answered from a Unitarian Universalist perspective, and several child-centered vignettes of questionable morality engage the reader in considering if the behavior in question is right, wrong, or somewhere in between. The book concludes with a child-friendly version of the sources of our Unitarian Universalist faith that inform our understanding of right and wrong. Hardcover with full-color illustrations throughout.


2017 Discussion Guide to About Right and Wrong

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